Truth or Dare

About: Halloween night. The freaks are out and having the time of their lives. The kids of Greene Point High School have organized a massive bonfire out in the woods. One drunken teen suggests playing a game, a game called Truth or Dare. That’s always a fun game. Always good for a laugh. By the end of this night, nobody will be laughing. Alcohol, sex, deadly secrets, and oceans of blood await them. Do you dare to play?

TRUTH OR DARE is a shared-world horror anthology featuring the morbid writings of Joe McKinney, Nik Korpon, Jeremy C. Shipp, Jessica McHugh, Peter & Shannon Giglio, William Meikle, and many, many more.

My Review: This anthology starts with the writing of Richard Thomas, who includes a very short story of only a few pages long. He was definitely the right choice to start the anthology as he immediately draws the reader in by getting straight to the point and the whole story feels so tense. I can literally feel the anger seeping from Damon. Eric J. Guignard is the next author. His piece begins with a lot of repetition and beautiful descriptions that made me smile, but with a single line: ‘this night was like none of that’ your mind is straight away cut off from the beautiful imagery. His story sounds like a children’s tale when it begins and I was a little confused and definitely would have picked a different name than ‘The Cleaners’ but when you realise that the story was not meant to be told, you know something bad is going to happen! Kenneth W. Cain has produced a story that to me is extremely satisfying. I am a huge supporter of animal rights and so although this is meant to be a horror, a story about animals getting revenge is brilliant. Stories continue on until you reach my favourite of the anthology by Eli Wilde. It is in my opinion the goriest and most confusing, as being inside the head of the main character is a very different experience. All other authors featured in this book were just as good and it was an experience seeing so many different writing skills. I wouldn’t say this book ‘terrified’ me though.

3/5 stars


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